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Wildwood Publications 

Frailing the 5 String Banjo  – A short introduction.
by Bill Lloyd.

In response to regular requests for information about the frailing / clawhammer style, I have written a brief introduction to the techniques.  4 pages in PDF format – Free of charge by emailPlease use contact form to order.


How to Build a Bow-Top Gypsy Caravan
by Walter Lloyd

The book does what it says on the cover. Walter Lloyd’s DIY guide takes you step by step through the process, and includes many illustrations and a materials cutting list.
£12.00 (post free) Please use contact form to order.

Travels with a Pony
by Walter Lloyd

Walter Lloyd began his rambling at the age of 11, and he has never been far away from horses and ponies ever since. In 1957 he established the Hades Hill herd of Fell Ponies in Rossendale and after moving (horsedrawn) to the Lake District in 1985 he has lived in a bow-top living wagon among his ponies for almost 30 years.

This book is a guide for beginners who would like to follow that path and travel the country by horsepower alone. It is a manual for how to chose your pony, how to catch it, break it to driving, and how to chose a cart and harness. It covers what you need to know about different types of wheel, how to tether a horse, shoeing, feeding, and about smallholdings, implements and the lore and language of the people of the road.
£12.00. (post free)   Please use contact form to order.



The Micro-economics of Coppice Management in the Furness area of Cumbria,  by Mike Gardner and Bill Lloyd

Bill Lloyd was a founder member of the New Woodmanship Trust. In 1992, supported by the Countryside Commission, he commissioned a project to investigate the commercial potential of the coppice woodlands of Furness. Walter Lloyd carried out the field trials and Mike Gardner wrote the report. ISBN: 9780953523818  (£5.00 Printed to order. Please  use Contact Form) 


Appleby Fair – The Greatest Gypsy and Traveller gathering
by Rupert Sagar-Musgrave,
with an introduction by Bill Lloyd

An award-winning photo-journalist looks at the spectacular event, with a description and a brief history of the Fair by Bill Lloyd.  £15.00 (post free.) Please use Contact form to order. 



In Preparation: 

One Horsepower:
Horse Logging in the Lake District 1977 – 1984

by Bill Lloyd


Pioneer Jackaroo
by Alexander Lloyd

The story of the first settlers in Cardwell, Queensland, Australia, transcribed from diaries written at the time.

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