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[audioalbum title="Live Tracks"][audiotrack title="1000 Days" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""][audiotrack title="Two Jigs" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""][audiotrack title="Anachuin" songwriter="Seamus Tansey" mp3="][audiotrack title="Annabelle" songwriter="Gillian Welch" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Arkansas / Thro the Glen" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""][audiotrack title="Aubade (Oud Version)" songwriter="Bill Lloyd" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Aubade (Epic Version)" songwriter="Bill Lloyd / Gab Rom" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Banjo Tunes Medley" songwriter="Bill Lloyd" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Borderline" songwriter="John Hiatt" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Hills of Mexico" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Carey" songwriter="Joni Mitchell" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Closer to Fine" songwriter="Indicgo Girls" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Earth To Heaven" songwriter="Dave Macon" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Eileen Og" songwriter="Percy French" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Geordie" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Green Fields of Canada" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title=" Marion The Rover" songwriter="Traditional / Bill Lloyd" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title=" Mississippi Sawyer" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Move Along" songwriter="Ewan McColl" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="Murlough Shore" songwriter="Traditional" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="The Roving Gambler" songwriter="Traditional / Bill Lloyd" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="The L & N Railroad" songwriter="Jean Ritchie" mp3=""]
[audiotrack title="The Tailor Ban" songwriter="Seamus o Tuoma" mp3=""]
 [audioalbum title="Willy Ruby - Free Downloads"][audiotrack title="Kathleen" songwriter="Townes van Zandt" mp3=""][audiotrack title="Willy Ruby" songwriter="Elizabeth Barraclough" mp3=""][audiotrack title="Down Under" songwriter="Men at Work" mp3=""]

[audioalbum title="Heavy Duty - Free Downloads"][audiotrack title="Privateer" songwriter="Dave Gibb/Bill Lloyd" mp3=""]
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