Albums – Pinocchio

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In 2016 I was asked by the Upfront Puppet Theatre near Penrith to produce a sound track for Pinocchio.  These are the un-edited tracks. Short sections were edited into the soundtrack to suit the action on stage, so there is much repetition.

[audioalbum title=”Pinnochio Soundtrack” detail=”UpFront Puppets Show” date=”2017″]

[audiotrack title=”House Music” mp3=”″ width=”500″ height=”300″]
[audiotrack title=”Pinnochio Theme” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Robbers’ Conspiracy” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Homesick Melody” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Spooky Prelude” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Curtain Up Act II” mp3=”″]
[audiotrack title=”Transformation Scene” mp3=”″]